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 [The Medicine of third Era]

[Science and Consciousness]

[The Way to healing]

[Synchrodestiny and creation]

[We are all likely Saints]

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Medicine of the third Era

The articles give an extensive knowledge to the relationship among consciousness, human body, creation and quantum physics.

        The awareness that we are energy, information, and intelligence, puts us on a creative and responsible plan , previously unimaginable.  Don't exist a body, a patient made by solid matter and separated from us: continuous exchanges of information happen to subatomic level, therefore at subliminal level; moreover we are just the same  being that  manifeste himself in multiple forms.

        We are responsible of our destiny, both personal and social. The articles will explain quantum scientific principles, in order to make aware of  these new scientific verities.

 ( figure represents the emotional energetic body, for kind concession of






( Science and consciousness )

( The way to healing )

( Synchrodestiny and creation )

( We are all likely Saints )




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