( as also discussed by Larry Dossey in Reinventing Medicine)

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New physics of healings .( by courtesy of Alba Magica 2001 )

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                     The human being has a purpose in his life: to become more like God, to be in other words co-creator of his own world. We can get the consciousness about being responsible for our life through the  spiritual research. The goal of spirituality is not to become saints, to pretend to be mystics, to live in an Hymalayan monastery, to get rid of the terrestrial things , to walk on the burning coal or to go down from a cliff, to show poverty as S. Francesco from Assisi...none of this.

                   We need our spiritual path to understand our capacity to create the material and emotional world that surrounds us ( health, happiness, service and money...) whenever we want .This big knowledge puts us in the conditions to be linked to nothing and to look  not for  approval and power over others: in other words all the kinds of requests that our ego imposes daily.

                     As a result we won’t feel the necessity to depend on others ( if I can get everything I need , I just need to want it , the material and psychological slavery among human beings ends up ) and we can help them  get a knowledge as ours! Fear, doubt, senses of guilty, grudge, resentment, sense of inferiority, jealousy, anger, envy, loneliness, will only become phantoms that have guided our lives in a bad way since the humanity started ( producing wars and disease ).

                    Finally, today we can see the scientific bases of the spiritual research that can explain and produce  a lot of manifestations linked to the ancient spiritual traditions ( illuminations, satori, the river of life , miracles , non-local phenomena, meditations , sense of unity, etc.)

                  A big help comes from quantum physics.

            Everything that surrounds us is made of atoms, made themselves of subatomic particles, with waving properties. In other words they behave now as particles ( with a mass, a position, and a relation space-time ) now as waves ( with no mass, immaterial, invisible, spread everywhere at the same time in the space ); this duality depends on the observer of the system ( in other words us ) and on the measuring instrument we use.

                 That means that if we don't observe the system , it will be spread in the space, otherwise it will get properties of the material itself: it would be the man with his observation to create the material reality, perceptible with our five senses.

                 Our brain is not able to see the quantum phenomena happening in our body and environment, in other words all the subatomic particles that appear and disappear one millions of time/ sec! What we perceive is only the three-dimensional dimension .

                 If we wore " quantum glasses" we would see happen the creation of everything around us, and as if from the nothingness,  many particles would appear that exchange information with everything that surrounds us, in an indivisible network: the universe is an interconnected and interacting  reality, so that  an altereded information in a particle would be transmitted to all the others particles of the universe...

                Another important quantum law for the comprehension of the spiritual growth is the non -locality .

               It states that two particles together, even though they are separated, and they are at a very long distance, (e.g. two photons)  behave as they were a big one being: in other words, each one of them receive immediately information from the other one.

               The non-locality is the rule of the universe. That helps us understand how, from a subatomic point of view, space and time don't exist and how the forms created in the universe are in instant communication with each other : the man with the various forms of the universe, like plants, animals, minerals are only one, unique being...

               Applying this physics law to our emotions, we understand that our thoughts,  that are quantum events ( on this quote is based  the quantum psychology ), are able to affect the information of our subatomic particles, constituting our cellular biochemistry ( relationship mind / body ) and the subatomic particles of other living beings, man included.

                From  that we can understand our responsibility regarding our health and our planet.

               The spiritual transformation coming from that consists in becoming aware of  how:

1. we are creators of our own world, material or spiritual ( health or sickness ).

2. there is no separation, but instant communication between us and the other beings: the non duality of the  universal relationships.

             The second concept, the one regarding the non-separation, could become the salvation in the relationships between us and the others, bringing to those eternal laws that has always been told in the big spiritual traditions: " Love our neighbour, because our neighbour is us " ( among subatomic particles there's no difference ) animal, vegetal, mineral or human; " Everything we do to others, we do it to ourselves ! "

              The concept of separation, to see ourselves different from everything around us, brought to the alienation of the human being, with consequent health problems ( anxiety, depression, chronic diseases ) and problems in the social  and politic relations. 

            With regard to our argument, the Medicine of the Third Era ( to distinguish it from that of the First Era - the medicine  all drugs and surgery- and from the Second Era - the mind-body medicine ), has his rational in the two concepts of quantum physics above stated :

a. the observer creates his own physic and psychic reality ;

b. there is an immediate communication between two quantum entities ( and the man can consider himself a quantum entity ) apart from the distance in which they are.

This last rational introduces the concept of non-local mind .

            While in the mind-body medicine the person's mind can actually act on his own cellular biochemistry, affecting the state of health and illness ( like negative thoughts, grudges, fears, guilt, the psychosomatic illness, etc.) in the Medicine of the Third Era the person's mind is non-local, it is able to act at a distance and to receive, at a distance, information from other people. The non-local mind is infinite in the space-time ( it's the conscience, which is the foundation of the whole universe ) it's widespread  and it's not limited by time: " the non local mind is the rule of  man!!!"

          The non local phenomena are 1) not mediated - there is no energy that is transported -2)not mitigated by the distance-the effect doesn't grow weak in intensity -3) immediate.

These same considerations embrace the physic of particles ( N. Herbert ).

                So, the Medicine of the Third Era includes healing at a distance, diagnostic intuitions, eternal conscience ( beyond the physical death, with a reduction of the fear of death ), telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, visions, prophetic dreams, both of diagnosis and healing, prayer ..., which is a kind of healing based on the infinite, fundamental nature of the conscience.

As we can understand,  the relation doctor-patient totally changes.

                 The doctor penetrating the medicine of the Third Era, becomes a spiritual guide  for the patient, and if both of them agree on these preliminary remarks, they become an implicit unity in the non-local mind!! The doctor doesn't abandon, doesn't make the ill patient and / or who is about to die feel alone, but he can use his non local inactive capacities both for the diagnosis and for the therapy .

The Medicine of the Third Era distinguishes between the Internist and the Eternist.

              The Internist is the therapist, the doctor who sees inside the patient ( clinical examinations, laboratory diagnosis, instrumental diagnosis etc. ).

             The Eternist looks for the solution in the space-time both inside and outside the patient : he studies his dreams, his intuitions - he prays together with the patient- he reads in the non-local mind and in the physique perceiving the illness and the therapy which is often spiritual- he investigates the emotions that cause the troubles- he gives importance to the intention behind the therapy - he uses concepts like the synchrony - he acquaints the family with the non local therapy of the subject, when it's possible- he accompanies and makes the dying patient aware of all the phenomenologies that appear when you enter the quantum world, moments or weeks before dying ( presences, visions of dead people, light beings, near-death experiences ). ( Medicine of Eternity).

            Doing this, the doctor of the third era recognizes the nature without time of our reality, making the patient understand it....even if he can still use the means of the medicine of the first and the second era.

             The Medicine of Eternity leads to a transformation of our reality: this becomes the key of the awareness of the non local nature of our mind, which is infinite, unbreakable and immortal.

          The illness, in these conditions has the power to transform, to provoke a quantum jump of consciousness, to elevate the level of spiritual maturity both of the therapist and of the subject, with the only aim to respect the Golden Rule of the third era: "Do good to others, because the others are yourself" - we are both local and non-local. Only with the detachment from the known we can enter the non locality which is the ground where miracles happen and where the man takes God by the hand.











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