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and Operator in QUANTUM SCIENCES

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          The school is divided in seven levels. On every level

the student will approach the concepts of quantum physics

applied to the various fields of human knowledge ( from healing to

quantum transformation, from economic management to

relationships and life success).

       Every level have a theoretical part and a practice one, and it's

divided in four under - levels (except the first that will be done in one

weekend) . The lessons will be done every month on the weekends:

Friday and Saturday

       All problem related to social and personal relationships are deepen,

and also fulfilment in working place.

          Every course is equipped with a lecture , and  at the end of the

school a certificate will be released.

    All those that overcome the 7 Levels will be able to access the

School in Operator in Quantum Sciences and to manage and

eliminate the emotions with great effectiveness.



1° Level

Quantum Sciences and freedom of consciousness



the best of 5 useful courses, in two days, in an unique and unrepeatable event

How to create our reality in personal and social field manifesting

own desires in the field of the infinite possibilities.


          Seminar in two days where the themes related to the new

discoveries of the quantum physics will be treated and the application

to the daily way of living and health.

          There will be moments of great feeling with the powerful

Emotional Quantum Therapy to eliminate the principal emotions!. Very

useful also for married couples!



- The principles of quantum physics

- How consciousness creates the material world

- The stand - by meditation: powerful tool of self - healing.

- The spiritual laws

- Principles of quantum healing with practice in group

- Quantum Emotioanl Therapy and  emotions

- The seven principles of Synchro Destiny and their use

to realize our goals

- The three levels of consciousness to influence the Conscious Energy


- Quantum physics and economic management: how spiritualize



2° level

  Quantum Transformation

                   “How consciousness creates the material world”



- Relationship between science and spirituality

- Principles of quantum physics applied to the human body

- Principles of quantum physics applied to the conscience

- Rational concepts for a spiritual transformation

- The spiritual laws

  - The relaxation response

- Quantum non - locality and transcendence

- The non - local mind : features and functions

- The mind's energetic field

- How to get what we desire by a self- awareness universe

- The quantum nature of thought

- The spiritual awakening

- The synchronicity

- The quantum physics and the universal mind

- The non local mind and self-healing and remote viewing: rational

bases and techniques for diagnosis and specific treatments

 - The quantum therapeutic visualizations

- The energies of healing

- To reach the subconscious mind and learning to converse with it

- The Living Energey Universe

- The medicine of the eternity: therapies

- Quantum consciousness: exercises about Emotioanl Quantum


3° level

Emotional Quantum  Therapy




- What is Emotional Quantum Therapy ( EQT )

  -  Difference between various therapeutic disciplines and the EQT

- Principles of quantum physics applied to the EQT

- The principles of the EQT

- The one- hundred Dragon or " Quantum Master "

The shock of the separation

- As to overcome the Quantum Dragon

- The seven levels of the Quantum Psychology ( S. Wolinsky)

- First level, with related exercises

      ( As observer of my mind, I am more than its contents)

- Second level, with related exercises

       ( Everything is made of energy)


 - Third level, with related exercises

      (I am the creator of what I observe)

- Fourth level, with related exercises

     (The physical universe is made of energy, space, mass and time)

- Fifth level, with related exercises

     (The physical universe is made of energy, space, mass and time)

- Sixth level, with related exercises

    (Everything interpenetrates everything else.  D. Bohm )

- Seventh level, with related exercises

    (Every thing is made of void or  condensed void. Einstein )



4° level

Quantum Transformation and economic success



- spiritualizing the matter

- The money and quantum energy

- Economic management by percentage

- Spiritual laws and money

- The rules of Economic Success




5° Level

 Quantum Healing


- Principles of quantum physics applied to the human body

- Principles of quanutm physics applied to the conscience

- Quantum non - locality

- The non local mind: features and functions

- The mind's energetic field

- The quantum nature of thought

- The non local mind , self - healing and remote viewing

- The quantum therapeutic visualizations

- The energies of healing

- How to reach the quantum  kingdom and to converse with it

- Neuronal Network involved in the quantum trip

- The living energegy universe

- The medicine of the third Era

- The medicine of the eternity

- Quantum Consciousness

- Quantum healing techniques on many health problems (pain,

arthritises, obesity, cardiopathy, epatopathy, gastropathy,endocrine

and metabolism distress, ecc. )



6° level

Synchro Destiny

“The art of creation and success.


- You will be able to connect with the creative power of nature

- You will use the power of intention to realize the desires

- To realize the progressive realization both of important objectives and

material abundance

- To access the deeper own source of power and attracting right

people to sustain us in the realization of our vision

- To develop a safety feeling in knowing own purpose of life

- To eliminate the anxiety and to improve more and more the ability to create happiness

- To resolve any problem accessing own inner wisdom

- To use own emotional turbulence to get really advantage

- To understand and to draw benefit from own male and female energie

7 Level

The Power of Intention