We are the creators of the universe..................

if just only we knew this....






We are the creators of the universe... if we only knew...





          We are the creators of our reality. As Quantum Beings we don't have any limit, neither spatial nor


          The great ocean of light in which we are immersed, from which we are continually created and

where we continually create, works through an endless net of space-temporal events, whose perfect

joint gives place to the myriads of forms, creatures, landscapes, objects of the Divine love.

This perfect net of relationships is what constitutes Synchronicity.

          To a profane eye the flow of life would be like a whole of casual coincidences that don’t have any

connection among them. It is obvious that this is the Newtonian mechanistic vision that

only considers the statistic analysis, without factors as intention or awareness playing a role in the

coming forth of things: in fact the universe is considered as a machine that produces data in a casual


          A phenomenon has a certain probability to take place within the limits of the statistic nature,

therefore within the canons of the scientific rationality and it doesn’t have to be considered as a

surprise or a miracle.

          The spontaneous healing of an incurable desease, for example, would be part of a range of

possibilities, narrow, but possible. Any other phenomenon, such as knowing who is calling on the

telephone before answering, can be part, according to the official science, of the range of

possibilities, that is of meaningful coincidences.

          This way of considering the daily events was criticized by Jung, the great Swiss psychoanalyst.

In a famous case, described in his book “Synchronicity”, he describes the case of a woman, not

easy to be treated, who had received in one of her dreams a gold beetle as a gift (the beetle is the

symbol of rebirth): while she tells him the dream, they hear a noise at the psychologist’s window: it

was a beetle; Jung picked it up and showed it to the woman, who had a quantum leap of awareness.

          Which statistic analysis could explain a phenomenon like this? How many probabilities are there

that a beetle, that is generally attracted by the light, could be attracted by a dark environment (Jung

was performing a session of analysis) right when they were speaking of its symbol?

          If we look back to our life, we will see how many of these meaningful coincidences have happened

to lead us where we are now.  Every relationship, every fact, every event is tightly

interconnected with each other and they all have high purposes that we usually fail to understand.

          The ocean of light ( together with the quantum being that’s aware of this reality) works its wonders

by putting in perfect relationship the “pawns” which will bring to the final creature (galaxy,

star, atom, man, dreams, aims, visions): even a millisecond of bewilderment would be enough, in

this perfect tuning, to give “birth” to a notably different creature!

          We are immersed in an ocean of synchronicities. Our body is among the greatest expressions of this

synchronicity, just think of the relationships among the water molecules of hydrogen and oxygen,

or those among the minerals, the vitamins, the amino acids in the complex biochemical ways: the

results of even a small bewilderment, as for example the enzymatic lacks, bring to devastating

effects on health and on the physical aspect. We wouldn't be as we’re today, if the delicate

synchronic equilibrium between the universe and us would be broken (unfortunately we have

introduced bewilderments in nature, and we will pay for this!).

          Every Quantum Being lives in a net of synchronicities that evolves and changes ( the environment of

the maternal uterus, the family, the school, the social environment, the job, the marriage with

children, the divorce, new friendships, the retirement). In every moment he will be in a specific

karmic seed, that is he will interact with people and space-temporal events with whom he will share

the lessons to learn.

          If he freely decides to change the karmic seed not yet weaned, he will find himself in another

synchronic net with more than a few problems to resolve, until he learns humility and obedience,

fundamental requirements to learn the cosmic lessons.

          Every time we interact with the delicate synchronic structure of cosmos ( we think, we speak,

we act, we omit, we choose) we force him to change, momentarily, the synchronic relationships that

will inevitably involve us in this change, until he reaches his equilibrium.

          We will be dragged by the great net of events: the result will be either our health and happiness,

if we understand and allow us to go toward the direction of the synchronic events, or our illness,

if we oppose to the cosmic flow.

          This happens for example when we don't let go, we don't accept the present moment (our family,

our partner, our job, our environment, our health), we criticize or we attack the synchronic events in which we

are immersed. We would spend enormous quantities of energy and make great efforts to get what we desire.

           But would we reach our goal with health and equilibrium? Or would we become old, tired, even with a lot

of money, but full of afflictions and illnesses?

          From this we understand how important it is to enter the game of life by playing our cards right.

These cards are the knowledge of Synchronicity and Synchrodestiny.

          To handle these cards we need to become aware that we are Quantum Beings, and that we live

in a continuous double way creation: we can act by provoking our synchronicities ( that won’t be

meaningful coincidences or fortunate events anymore, but creative strategies) and / or we can help the cosmic

flow, by behaving as synchronic events belonging to the karmic seed of other quantum beings, becoming

therefore pawns of other creative beings.

          Synchronicity is a whole of events, apparently disconnected among them, that happen together, and that

only look like meaningful coincidences.

          To make the breakthrough, to succeed in understanding the creative mechanism, we have to put

our false certainties under discussion ( those tied up to the old paradigm of physics, where we are

all separated, and destined to the corrosion of time, therefore to death, incapable of affecting this

destiny, and easy to criticize and to give out our responsibilities), we have to understand that the

coincidences are normal events, frequent, meaningful, in tune with nature, and that behind the scenes of life

there is an intention that leads us, that of our Spirit, of our Divine nature. In fact the realization of our desires

depends on the interpretation of “coincidences”,  that is knowing how to read the action plan of the cosmos.

Nothing happens by chance”.

          When we become aware of the synchronicities with the intention to make them evolve so that

our destiny come true, we are effecting the Synchrodestiny. We become active part in the great

creative plan, giving a purpose, a meaning, a direction, an intention to the coincidences; with our

interpretations and consequent actions we will turn Synchronicity into Synchrodestiny, that is we

will acquire that intellectual software in order to interact with the space-temporal events.

          To be able to master the Synchrodestiny and therefore to create our own evolutional karmic seed,

by starting to live here and now, in tune with the will of our Spirit, we have to know its principles. Their

knowledge and application will put us in the condition not to worry anymore, and to stimulate the number of

synchronicities in our experience.

          These principles deal with the holistic, holographic vision of life, and with the new paradigm of

quantum physics.


The conscious luminous field.


          It represents the great web of light in which we are all immersed, it is in every place, in every thing,

and it is omnipresent. It constitutes the consciousness that pervades every creature, and it uses

attention and intention to stimulate the transformation. It is a field of energy, information and

intelligence that orchestrates and controls the material environment, and of which we are creations

and creators.

          Its knowledge is essential because with its example we can penetrate the synchronicities and use

them for our Synchrodestiny.

          In its constitution we have as many frequencies as the karmic seeds are, where similar frequencies

vibrate attracting one another.

          That's why when we are immersed in a karmic seed, we attract the Quantum Beings that

have the same frequency that we have; besides we can extract from the Conscious Luminous Field

any information in relation to the expansion of our perception status.

          One of the tools to know and use it, is the disciplined meditation, with which we can influence the Field

with our thoughts, hopes and dreams to be able to manifest our desires: it is a field with endless


Another important principle is our inner dialogue.

          What a Quantum Being thinks is not separated from the rest of the cosmos. The content of our

inner dialogue influences every area of our life, physic, emotional and spiritual, besides the

informative content of the conscious luminous field, provoking a whole of synchronicities that will

happen to us without even knowing how to manage them for our benefit, if  we recognize them as


          Along the way to illumination, that is knowing the laws of the light of the Field (among which

the creative synchronicities), our dialogue has to be based on the Spirit and not on the demands of

our ego.

          The latter will only bring us sufferings and synchronistic events against the current, with enormous

energetic wastes because, as we said before, the universe will tend to balance itself by provoking

synchronic events to restore the initial creative intentions.

          We need to know our own Dharma, that is the purpose of our life, to make choices in tune

with the cosmic conspiracy; that’s the only way our dialogue could be hinged on the things of the

Spirit and not on that circular thoughts that live in the past or in the future tied up to insecurities and


          The principle of intention, together with that of attention, is the hinge on which the Synchrodestiny

leans. In fact more attention we put on the synchronic events, more frequent they’ll become in our

life, therefore our intentions will be revealed through these events. The attention accelerates the

synchronicity, while the intention makes you use it. When they are both linked to the

meaningful coincidences, synchronicity is turned into Synchrodestiny, and our lives turn into

something really magic, inasmuch the so-called miracles will happen, that is the

spontaneous realization of our desires, in the field of endless possibilities.

          From what we said before, it’s clear that creation cannot live without relationships. Therefore the

other principle is that of cosmic relationships.

          All that originates from the Field exists as a relationship, and every relationship can influence the

Field: it is its favourite language. The universe has been divided for billion of years into conscious

beings, from many points of view, with the only purpose to return, through the interchange of

intelligent, spiritual and illuminating relationships, to the Unity of Consciousness, in order to help

the mutual evolution. In fact the human consciousness is the cosmos thinking of itself and the

human beings the means through which the universe can think of itself.

          Every human relationship therefore is a cosmic connection, an opportunity to positively influence

the Field and to spiritually evolve. That’s why bad relationships don't exist. All that happens in the cosmos aims

to creation and evolution, therefore our meetings are synchronic stations from which our illumination can depart

to become perfect Quantum Beings.

          Without the knowledge of relationships the Synchrodestiny couldn’t act. Even synchronicity means

perfect relationships aimed to the cosmic plan, where each of us plays a role interconnecting each

other in a net of marvellous relationships aimed to the mutual good.

          It is necessary to rise to high frequencies of inner dialogue, to fully exploit this enormous creative

potential, daily put at our disposal.

          We could get the “licence” of cosmic creators with the hope of being useful to the others

in their search for freedom of consciousness.