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 Article published on, interview by da Roberta Piliego, September- 12 2001

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 Science and Conscience - Meeting with Gaetano Conforto

Roberta Piliego

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Q - Doctor Conforto, in his work " The Tempest " Shakespeare alludes to a substance that belongs both to reality and to dreams. A common substance for the two dimensions, the visible and the invisible one. Is it a poetic figure that recalls an intuition from quantum physics?  


A - "According to the new paradigm, given to us by the amazing discoveries of quantum physics, all that surrounds us, be it mineral, vegetable or animal, man included, would be constituted by non - matter, therefore it’s invisible.

          The space predominates at the subatomic level; just think that between the nucleus of an atom and its electrons there is a distance equal to that between sun andearth. Naturally this space, this nothing, is made of a non-substance called by the physicians “Unified Field”.

I’ll illustrate it better...  

          "To the subatomic level, that is in the intimate structure of all that exists, the constituents behave both as particles(bosons, leptons, gluons, electrons), therefore having a mass and a position in the space in connection with time, and as waves, therefore entities with a bright nature (as for ex. the photons), spread in the space, in every place at the same time and without a specific position. Only the action of observing, made by a conscience that can be aware of it or not, can operate the miracle of creation, that is to bring an intention, an idea, an observation, from the invisible kingdom (dominated by waving effects and fluctuations of energy and information)to that material one of three-dimensional objects.

          Great is the ability of our brain, wise transducer of

invisible signals into visible ones. Without us and our brain, the world as we know it now would not exist!

          "Therefore, the substance of which Shakespeare speaks is nothing more than the quantum ocean where all that exists is immersed, is continually created and creates by reciprocally affecting every other creation. Everything is equal to everything, it originates from everything, it gives origin to everything, and will return to everything. Every point of the space is equal to every other point. It’s the Holistic -Holographic universe.  

          Space is only a concept related to the old paradigm where the distances among material objects are important but, at the subatomic level, therefore in the structural heart of every existing thing in nature, the particles can communicate at greater distances than that of light. Such phenomenon, called " non-locality ", is the rule of the universe.

          The particles communicate immediately and instantly among them and this opens great possibilities and understanding in social relationships. 

          "We are all one great being, divisions and separations don't exist among terrestrial beings, everything is interconnected with every other thing."



Q - You applied the paradigm of quantum physics to medicine and psychology. Tell us something  about it.  


A - "For about ten years, during my medical activity, I have had manifestations out of the normal sensory canons. While writing the anamnesis to one of my patients, I felt the strong instinct to hold her hand. I had never done that, and I didn't even imagine the sense of such gesture.

          I have to specify that in that period I used to be very introspective, meditating, listening to Gregorian chants, reading books on the human potential and analyzing the Sacred Scriptures. At that time I was dealing with orthomolecular medicine and nutrition applied to the human behavior, and while visiting I used to listen to sacred music for about ten hours a day. My mind was at the same time in the job and in the spiritual kingdom. A fantastic feeling from which I neverdetached.

          A patient asked me if there was a church in the proximities where they performed sacred songs!! "The patient was stunned when I answered that I had seen, while I was holding her hand, the most salient facts of her life and therefore that I knew the origin of her depression!  

          " Many of these kinds of facts have happened. I just needed to look in the eyes or the body to realize and/or to see where the psychic or physical problem resided.

          "I wanted so much to understand what was happening to me... I started to see images of energies invisible to the common senses... Then I asked God, with humility and faith, to point me out the way to understand and manage these phenomena: I would have transmitted this knowledge to the others to inform them of the enormous potentialities that we all have.

          "I have had so many answers that I got to know the invisible world so good to the point that I could make diagnosis and cure at distance ( remote viewing and diagnosis) , teaching how to do it to hundreds of people.

          My daughter Giulia and my wife Maria were also able to make diagnoses and to treat at distance! An unthinkable thing for a mind like mine accustomed to clinical pharmacology and to the university environment and experimental searches, but lover of genuine things, of  nature and of honesty.

          "Thanks to the answers that I received from my Heavenly Father, my researches in the invisible field have landed to deepen quantum physics. I immediately understood the enormous potentialities that this perfect science, physics, could offer to understand “my phenomena”.

          "All this has flowed in a whole lot of techniques and lessons that, put in practice every day, can interfere with the quantum ocean in which we are immersed, making us become co-creators with God. Prayers, meditations and visualizations are quantum techniques that, if correctly performed, can do miracles.

          "Eventually, I got a scientific fortress impregnable from the attacks of the old paradigm that, even if completely dismantled by quantum physics, remains the mental canon that still prevails and that leads to spiritual and material downfall many proselytes, from society to medicine.

          "The greatest part of the current pillars of thought, on which the conceptual foundations of our society are based, are false, deceptive and misleading since they lead to separation, to the duality and alienation of the single individual.

          "Recently, by studying the holistic philosophy of the Indian teacher Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and his students, among which Wolinsky and Powell, I got to known and put into practice the Quantum Psychology ( now I gave the name: Emotional Quantum Therapy, TQE) , a term that someone has even tried to patent!

          With this term we intend the whole of the oriental knowledge, of psychology and of quantum physics, therefore the consciousness and techniques that aim to make us know and touch with our own hands who we really are, our divine part and our soul.

          What we can feel with Quantum Psychology is really divine, the being is raised as an eagle that, by observing itself, understands that it is not that whole meat and bones subject to so much suffering and wrong choices, but a being that can create its own psycho-physic reality, and that doesn’t let anybody pilot it! ( I've coined the term: Freedom of Consciousness )




          Q - The academic and institutional environments of science and research have an attitude of resistance and, at times, of derision toward what has been defined "the intuitive science." Isn’t the existence of a phenomenon, even if difficult to reproduce, a matter of great challenge and curiosity toward the direction of knowledge? Why this resistance? Why is the direction of research one-way?

          A - "Because the old paradigm represents the uterus, the protection, the house. Who’s not afraid of the unknown? It’s better to be like natives, not knowing television, telephone, cars, without discovering anything, fearing fire as a God, continuing to say that the earth is the center of the solar system, that over the columns of Hercules nothing else exists, that the old age with its psycho-physic disablements is inevitable, that time flies, that everything is predestined notwithstanding our presence, that the earth is flat, since this is what the senses make us perceive, and t hat the extra-sensorial abilities are from witches or Satan.  

         "These uncompromising men of materialism at all costs, like St. Thomas, and sense-dependent, would have surely already put me to fire in the name of God, of the church, of the Madonna and of some Saint.

          "On the internet site of the researcher Charles T. Tart of the institute of Transpersonal Psychology of Palo Alto, in California , many physicians, retired surgeons and nurses, describe their stories of invisible phenomena happened during their private and professional life. All signed with names and last names.These people, out of their cold working environment, can for the first time report their experiences in the quantum world without being derided or accused to be mad.

          "Don’t you know that all the quantum physicians, pioneers of this new theory, were mystics?

          Of course, they came into contact with invisible phenomena and with the divine hand, but... they could not talk about it, or they would be excommunicated from the scientific environments.

All of this makes me think of the Inquisition!  

          "Why don’t they search, as I have done, with humility and faith, all of the thousands publications in double-blind put into action in the American scientific environments that study in laboratory all the phenomena invisible to the five senses? There are many studies on the effects of prayer, groups of healing are active and with very satisfactory results and studies on the non-local mind have been done for many years.

          "What if I had to see the electromagnetic waves to believe in television and touch all the objects and people I see… good-bye progress! Most actual technology, that’s very  useful for the “Inquisitors of official science”, like fax, computers, cellular phones, are based on the applied quantum theory that uses transmissions of invisible signals, for example the quantum computer that’s being studied, or any human sense.

          Colombo wouldn’t have discovered America if

he had listened to the “scientific paradigm” known at that time.




          Q – Science and consciousness. What is the relationship between these two dimensions?

          A – They are the two sides of the same medal. One is visible, the other one is invisible to the senses.

          “Having studied both of them, I think that science without consciousness is a mere sequence of information, a patient would only be an organ to be cured, an employee would only be a checkerman to be thrown away when useless, life would be a machine to be studied and then discarded.

          In short, we would miss something that comes from the heart, from feelings, from love.

             As I said before, the subatomic particles are fluctuations of energy and information endowed with intelligence and creative programs. They have an intelligence that follows the Divine dictates which is able to operate alchemical transformations and to create matter subject to the studies of science! Therefore, all that surrounds us is consciousness in action. Also an inanimate object has its own

inner intelligence.

          According to the new quantum paradigm, consciousness is not an epiphenomenon of matter (as Goswami said in his The Visionary Window ), that is we don’t depend on molecules as neurotransmitters and neuromodulators to be able to think, judge or dream, but our mind is able to create them after a divine intention. When someone is depressed, anxious, scared and so on, we can’t impute the mental alteration to a disorder of these molecules, but to a wrong mental representation of what we are.   

            Our health status, therefore, would depend on our social hypnotic conditioning that relegated us to passive machines sensitive to external factors. Nothing more misleading, wrong and hypnotic!

          We are the creators of our reality in any way, spiritual, mental or physical. We need to have knowledge, we need to be detached from consuetude, be independent and at the service of others.

          I don’t mean to underestimate neuropharmacology nor the medical science, but I want to be a stimulus to enlarge the sight, just like a microscope made us discover new worlds unknown to the “official science”.

          Many are the studies on quantum consciousness made by Doctor Stuart Hameroff that you can consult on the Arizona University site (click on link #3 to see it).



          Q – You recently declared that “reality is an illusion created by the conspiracy of senses”. The phenomena like clairvoyance, telepathy or telekinesis tell us that our brain is structured in such a way that it can transcend matter to tune to invisible realities. Can the paradigm of quantum physics help us also with this?

          A – According to the studies of the radiologist Newberg and the psychiatrist D’Aquili, researchers of the cerebral dynamics that deal with mystical and religious experiences (they coined the term “Neurotheology”),  our brain evolved to know God.

         Many well structured parts of the brain (hypothalamus, amygdale, front-parietal-occipital cortex, hippocampus) go into action in a specific way during the invisible phenomena which I was talking about before. It’s obvious that God manifests Himself through the activation of these cerebral areas.

          Another researcher, the neurologist Justin, in his wonderful book “Zen and the brain”, relates many scientific data regarding the Zen practice of which he was a  practitioner. In this book he examines which cerebral areas are involved in the invisible Zen phenomena, in meditation, in mystic experiences and in the comprehension of the Zen consciousness and of our Self.

          All of the quantum phenomena, clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis, visions, actions at distance ( remote viewing) and the control of body functions, happen in the quantum realm.


          According to a new scheme of interpretation of reality, given to us by quantum physics, we can distinguish:

          a) a material world, field of our senses, where everything is related to what we perceive. This is the kingdom where the old paradigm still moves and where the quantum creations meet and are visible. It represents an illusion because the whole material world is light, energy, information where every particle appears and disappears to the existence more than a million times every second!  

          The sentence "Reality is an illusion created by the conspiracy of senses", pronounced by the physicist and mathematician Penrose, is referred to this material world subject to the attachments and closed to the noble intrinsic values of every terrestrial creature.   

          b) a quantum world where time and space are formed, where the mind acts and where God meets the men. It's the world of angels, of the phenomena imputed for a long time only to the saints, of revelations, of synchronicity, of visions. It’s here that nature and our Spirit get the raw materials to create, with God, our psychic and material realities.  

          c) a virtual world, center of pre-creation, where our Spirit resides and where neither space nor time exist. It’s the world where "the eagles fly", that is our eternal awareness can observe, without criticizing, all that happens in the material world and that, if contacted, points us out the  ways to follow for the realization of our most intimate dreams."



          Q - What knowledge and tools do you use to be a "doctor of the spirit?" How do you intervene to help the "healing of the spirit?"   

          A - "I think of three levels, three ages, of medicine. As Larry Dossey has described in his beatiful book, Reinventing Medicine, The Medicine of the First Era, or of the material properties of the space-time, is tightly correlated to the functionality of the organs, to drugs and surgery. The mental aspect is not considered and the relational approach turns to the patient of the bed # 5 or to the “cardiac patient in the lane”.

          "Therefore there is a Medicine of the Second Era. It’s the medicine that considers the placebo effect as the concept of mind limited by the body, of “local mind".  

          "I’ll illustrate it. Let’s start from the neuropeptides that, located in the brain, inform all the parts of the body. Let’s now think of our body as a hologram, as a whole of cells that can memorize. A positive emotion will only enhance our health since every small particle recognizes the reflex of the whole.           The psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunology (PNEI) belongs to this second era, as does the hypnosis, the creative visualization and the imaging.

          In the second age of medicine, the mind has a crucial role in the process of healing.   

          "Finally the Medicine of the Third Era, the non - local one, which I deal with. It’s the medicine of eternity. The mind, that has no limits, allows healings and diagnosis at distance without space - time.  

          "This approach of medicine includes prayers for intercession, transpersonal actions and naturally dreams, that have a fundamental importance both in the diagnosis and in the therapy.

          If we consider the prayer in terms of non-local communication between the mind of the doctor and that of the patient, it becomes very important that the doctor prays together with the patient, that comes in communion with him.

          In this sense, the Medicine of the Third Era intends the reality of God not separated from us. The prayer, if connected to an action of love, acts as intercession by creating a bridge between our spiritual kingdom and the contact with God."



          Q - Medicine and contact with the Divine. Doctor Conforto, by listening to you I have the feeling that what’s coming out is an image of a physician who is the confluence of many kinds of knowledge. The doctor, the physicist, the psychologist. But also a shaman and a man of spirit.   

          A - "I don’t like classifications nor labels. They don't make any sense with the new paradigm.

          We are energetic fluctuations, continually interacting and interconnected with one another. We are potentially the creators of these energetic fluctuations!

          The status of our fellow beings, of our environment, of their happiness or unhappiness is our responsibility. I cannot consider the patient as an entity separated from me, from the others, from the environment.  

          "From my personal experience I have acquired eternal and modern teachings that I want to put at the service of other people.

          It doesn't care if the old paradigm labels them as alternative, different, natural or anything else, what I care for is that I am aware, together with many other good physicians that follow the new paradigm, to be on this planet to fulfil an assignment through the knowledge that we receive and acquire, aimed to make the human beings come closer to God and their divine nature. If this means spiritual doctor or shaman it depends from what perspective the classification derives, however always distant from the reality that sees the union entirely without classifications."

          Q - For a lot of people death is still an anxious and dreadful mystery. Do you think that this kind of medicine can help man to approach to death with a greater awareness and serenity?   

          A - "My personal experiences, together with the concept that the subatomic particles are not born and don't die, have brought me to transmit these knowledge to the patient, and to my family, that is about to return to the quantum and virtual world.

          We know that the helping tools can be visible and invisible. The dying person starts to see the characteristic presences of the quantum world: his dear dead ones, a light that gives comfort and peace or undefined presences.  

          "The therapist assignment is to make this communication easier without interfering with it and also making the family aware that life doesn't end but changes, it’s to create an environment of love and peace where the concepts of space-time give place to the quantum concept of eternity.

          This is the origin of the term “ Eternist Doctor”. To this intention, different kinds of music and particular songs of medieval origin have been studied to facilitate the passage of dimensions.  

          "If we succeed in raising the awareness of what is happening, death won’t be the end of a life but the end of an experience after which another starts, and another..."   

          Q - After following your meetings and at the end of this talking, I have the feeling that you are a curious, stubborn and acute man. You are so convinced that in every chicken of this planet there’s an eagle ( see De mello ), to fathomItaly talking of electrons and quantum leaps to people that, overcome the initial terror for the subject, at last succeed in having clarity on the fundamental questions of life.  

          A - "In fact, I am a free spirit that has tried to understand what we do here. To be healed it is necessary to fly high, we don’t heal on low levels.

          "We will deepen and we will fly, because when an eagle wants to do something he succeeds"!





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