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  Principles of quantum physics:

  • F. Capra, TheTao of Physics, 1975ed. Adelphi
  • G.Zukav, The dancing Wu Li Masters, 1979
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  • J. Gribbin, Get a grip on news physics, Weidefeld & Nicolson, 1999
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  • G. L. Schroeder, The hidden face of God, 2001
  • B.Greene, The elegant universe, 1999
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  • S. Hawking, The Theory of Everything, New Millennium Press, 2002
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  • R. Gilmore, Alice in Quantumland,eSpringer- Verlag ,N.Y., 1995
  • M. Murphy, The future of the body, rPutman's Sons, 1992

 anistar_yellow_1.gif Spirit- mind-body medicine:

  • H.Benson, the relaxation response, Avonbooks, 1976
  • D. A. Matthews, The faith factor, Penguin Books, 1998
  • D. Ornish, Reversing heart desease, Ballantine Books
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  • G. Conforto, Psicodietoterapia, Riza Scienze, 1995
  • G.Conforto, Psicodietoterapia, dimagrire ed equilibrarsi con la mente ( richiedere al'autore), 1997
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  • D. Simon, Return to wholeness, Wiley, 1999
  • H.G. Koenig, Spirituality in patient care, Templeton Foundation Press, 2002
  • J. Levin, God, Faith and Health, Wiley, 2001

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