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anistar_yellow.gif Medicine of the light


   The new physics of the healing  includes new concepts of the quantum physics  applied to the human body and consciousness.

         The result is a new vision of anatomy, physiology and

pathology, with consequent holistyic approach  to health  problems.

         The Medicine of the Light is born from the fact that everything in nature it is constituted by  light with diversified frequencies  manifested in the various forms of the  creation. Celestial objects, cosmic forces, human beings, plants, animals, earth, our thoughts, our interpretations, therefore the whole material and the mental one, are constituted by light,  photons, quantum elements , both particles and wave, that spread the immense ocean of the universe.

          In the medical field, therefore, atoms,  molecules, tissues,

and organs are constituted by frozen light ( that is reduced to

material structures), in fact we are never a solid structure, but

only a field of energy, information and intelligence

dipped in a similar net where everything is instantly united to


         That's why this medicine can also be called Quantum


           In the last few years I became aware of relationships between health and financial condition. Our society is based on money much more than love. Poor people have more chances to get illnesses or distress than rich ones. The latter have a more enjoyable life and can have many pleasures from life.

          It's my intention to teach and spread financial intelligence to give everyone the opportunity to enhance its own health conditions. With a lot of money we can bring hope where people live in extremely poor conditions.

           The Medicine of Light will bring "light" where there is darkness, both spiritual and emotional. "

          Read an abstract taken by Scientific American about economic status and health

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