How consciousness creates material world

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How awareness creates the material and corporeal world:


                                           a quantum journey to meet the font of creation:



-        One of the most fascinating discovery of this century has been the demonstration of substances of a  peptidic nature, called Neuropeptides,by the researcher Candice Pert  who studied them in relation to their effect on the same receptors on which the morphine acts: the result of this discovery is that for every thought, or image the brain makes a lot of this substances go round with immediate effects on the periphery, on the organs.

        As we can understand from this mechanism, we are able to affect, by regulating the activity of these  Neuropeptides, the function of our body  ( Benson, Austin, Epstein). For example, after a pleasant experience, which is mental, we have  positive results on many bodily  functions, for the letting in of Endorphin ( substances  similar to the morphine!): the same  immunising system  benefit by it ,increasing; the glucocorticoids ( the hormones of stress ) reduce themselves, and heart, lung, circulation, metabolism, free radicals, settle down to ideal values for the health.

         Techniques like the creative visualization  ( mental images ),

The Transcendental Meditation, the Relaxation Response ( Benson and the effects on hypertension ), Yoga, Zen, are able to provoke a particular cerebration, characterized  by alpha waves, where the very important and delicate bonds between mind and body take place: after opening this door, we can act on the bodily functions!!! . The Buddhists who practice the Zen, naked on the snow, are able to warm up wringing wet blankets !!!(Austin); the American cardiologist Dean Ornish associating those  techniques with the vegetarian alimentation, the Yoga, and the spiritual research, obtained the disappearance of the arteriosclerotics  plaques to the coronaries of cardiopathics, ready for the surgical operation of by-pass.

         It is obvious that it involves a methodology of mental training, whose daily  commitment is the base for the results, apparently unusual for us Westerners detached from the world of mind-body relationships ( in medicine it is well-known the placebo effect, as a demonstration of these bonds): the trained mind is able to affect the bodily physiology.  

     The quantum physics has gone beyond ( see Wolf ) showing in laboratory

 ( Aspect) how  immaterial entities (  thoughts, vivid images) of a quantum nature, under the effect of the observer, which is our attention, transform themselves from waves of probability, invisible, into  particles, visible ( effect  mind-body ): in few words we are creators of our world, then of our reality!!!

       So the brain becomes the means  through which the mind acts: but , according to the quantum physics applied to the physiology, there would be as many little minds, as the molecules of our body are, which cooperates with the bigger mind, in an unique net of immediate exchange.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

         Moreover, it has been  proved Bell’s theorem, another physicist, which regards the non-locality: two particles ( which are material objects) that are separated, demonstrate to be united, whatever their distance is, with phenomena that regard both of them simultaneously, as if there was, and it has been proved, a bond that goes beyond the speed of light.

The observation creates our reality: we are CREATORS…..



   the brain would translate  quantum information into                       sensorial and mental  experiences controlled by the non-local conscience        




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